We’re proud to be recognised by Spice Magazine as Australia’s Top Team Builder for 2023!

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Teams race as a VR bomb ticks down while you work feverishly to solve puzzles and defuse the bomb before the timer reaches 0:00.
Graffiti Art is an engaging team activity based on connecting your staff with company values, products/services or conference themes through modern street art techniques.
Quoting the great Nelson Mandela, ‘everything seems impossible until it’s done’ is certainly the case when we brief the group that in less than 90 minutes, each person will break a wooden board.

Hidden Door Experiences

Looking for ways to enhance teamwork and employee satisfaction in your company? Hidden Door offers a range of exciting and innovative team building activities that can help your team bond and communicate more effectively. Our corporate team building events are designed to cater to a variety of budgets and objectives, whether you’re looking for a quick two-hour activity or a full day out.

We understand that for your business to succeed, your employees need to work productively and feel valued. Our team bonding activities are tailored to bring out the best in your team members, providing them with an opportunity to learn and have fun while building relationships with each other. Our indoor, outdoor, virtual and hybrid team building activities in Sydney are designed to suit the unique needs of your organisation.

At Hidden Door, we offer a range of creative, adventurous, educational, and fun team building events. Some of our cost-effective options include The Amazing Race, City Quest, and VR Bomb Defusal, which are perfect for promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills. We also offer activities such as The Big Picture, Graffiti Art, Aboriginal Art, Bikes 4 Tykes, Kid Start, and The Apprentice, which are designed to connect teams with values and purpose.

Whether you’re looking to invite the families of your team members for a day out in the sun or achieve set goals regarding the development of your staff, we can help you. Contact us to learn more about our team building activities, and let us help your team work together more effectively.

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