Sunshine, fresh air, laughter, fun for days with outdoor team building activities.

Outdoor Team Building Activities & Sports Days

Are you ready to take your team to new heights and infuse some fresh air into your corporate culture? Our outdoor team building activities are designed to do just that. Whether you prefer your experiences mild or wild, we’ve curated a diverse range of team adventures that will leave your team feeling invigorated and connected.

We’re passionate about delivering outdoor team building experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We’re here to help your team grow, adapt, and thrive in the great outdoors.  Contact us today to explore our outdoor team building adventures and start your journey toward a stronger, more connected team.

A Breath of Fresh Air
At Hidden Door Experiences we understand the importance of team dynamics, and we know that sometimes the best way to strengthen those bonds is by stepping outside. Our outdoor team building experiences are not just about completing challenges; they are about embracing the great outdoors, soaking up the sun, and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Tailored for All Ages and Fitness Levels
We believe that team building should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. That’s why our outdoor activities are carefully designed to cater to all ages and fitness levels. Whether your team members are seasoned athletes or just looking for some outdoor fun, our activities are adaptable to meet everyone’s needs.

Custom Outdoor Activities
For over 15 years we’ve hand-crafted outdoor team building activities to suit conference and offsite locations, product and business launches or to fit within values and purpose.  Chat with our team about creating a custom outdoor team experience to ignite your next conference.

In a challenge requiring time management and clear communication, teams will build and decorate a kids billy kart before racing them in a time trial obstacle course.
For teams that want tam building charity events that gives back to the community, Kid Start is for you.
Geo Hunt is a team vs team scavenger adventure where the goal is to locate as many checkpoints as possible using a handheld orienteering-style GPS.
We start the day by asking each team to create their own tribe flag that becomes their identity for the day.
Who doesn’t want to relive their heyday of sporting glory with a round-robin of sports, games and challenges.
Combining inflatable games and challenges, wacky relays and sports games, Wipeout is a team experience that is lots of fun and is a great team building activity.

Outdoor Team Building & Amazing Race Gallery

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